Performance and Productivity

Very Important Notes:

Mini Case Chapter 5, (Performance and Productivity)

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Performance and Productivity
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To start proceeding on this task, and gain the full marks, you will need to consider the following:

  • Before you start proceeding directly on the task, please read carefully the (Mini Cases Grading Criteria) to ensure following the instructions correctly and gaining the maximum grades. The file is Uploaded to you in a pdf file format.
  • The title of the textbook to be used is called: (Making the Team: A Guide for Managers, Sixth Edition).
  • – Read chapter 5, (Performance and Productivity) from the related textbook.
  • – Read also from the given uploaded file in pdf format titled (Chapter5 – Performance and Productivity).
  • Open the uploaded file name (Topic_ Chapter 5 – Mini Case), given to you in the pdf file format and then read the topic and answer the 3 questions given at the end of the Mini Case.
  • Open the file name (Video – How to make your next team meeting productive and interesting) and then click on the link given in blue color. It is worthy and will positively increase the credit of your knowledge and give you a better understanding of how to enrich your answers for the related 3 questions and also you might use the material for references if needed.

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