Assessing the amount due, The Consultant assesses the amount due and submits an invoice at each assessment date. The

first assessment date is decided by the Consultant to suit the procedures of the Parties and is not later than the assessment interval after the starting date. Later assessment dates occur

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 at the end of each assessment interval until eight weeks after the defects date and  at Completion of the whole of the services.

Invoices submitted by the Consultant include the details stated in the Scope to show how the amount due has been assessed. The first invoice is for the amount due. Other invoices are for the change in the amount due since the previous invoice.

The amount due is

 the Price for Services Provided to Date,  the amount of the expenses properly spent by the Consultant in Providing the Services

and  other amounts to be paid to the Consultant less amounts to be paid by or retained from

the Consultant.

Any tax which the law requires the Employer to pay to the Consultant is included in the amount due.