Patterns of Growth

Your responses are double-spaced
2. You use appropriate in-text citations
3. Works cited or reference sheet, alphabetized by author’s last name – web links ARE NOT sufficient
4. Indented paragraphs
5. Font size / type (12 pt / Times New Roman)
6. Third-person (except where your opinion is asked)
7. 1″ margins

6-8 pages 

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Patterns of Growth
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 these questions

1. Describe early patterns of growth and appropriate nutrition for young children.
2. Identify and explain the major motor milestones and summarize the major theories of motor development and the impact of culture.
3. Review in detail major mortality risks in young infants and discuss the role of immunizations in health.
4. Discuss changes in cognition in early childhood and evaluate Piaget’s theoretical approach for this area. Describe, in detail, Piaget’s six substages of sensorimotor development.
5. Discuss, in detail, the sequence of early language development.
6. Describe the development of and major changes in the expression of emotions and temperament in early childhood. Be sure to identify the three temperament styles outlined by Thomas and Chess.
7. Discuss Ainsworth’s Strange Situation experiment. Detail the four styles of attachment and explain why attachment is important to development. What is the difference between stranger and separation anxiety?
8. Discuss how siblings and peers affect the psychosocial development of young children