Patient Leaflet Submission & Supporting Rationale

Summative Assessment Task:
Patient Leaflet Submission & Supporting Rationale (2 000-word assignment)
• This summative assessment tsk is designed to build on the Formative Assessment and to help you to provide a rationale to support the Patient Information Leaflet that you have chosen to design and disseminate to your peers, practice mentors and members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team,
• In order for you to successfully complete this written assignment, it is important for you to search for, read and apply relevant evidence-based literature in the form of empirical research, policy, guidance, legal and ethical frameworks. In other words, you will need to read around your chosen topic and include current and up-to-date references to support your Patient Information Leaflet.
• As the focus of this Module is the development of your Leadership and Management skills, the content of your assignment needs to show that you have used relevant knowledge and various theories that will underpin the ideas that you want to use to develop your leadership and management skills in your mental health practice.

Writing Critically
• When offering ideas and concepts, you must support these by drawing on relevant evidence – that is theories, concepts and models – from the literature.
• Core texts and further readings have been provided in this module, but you will need to look beyond these. You can do so via electronic library facilities.
• Your writing must show evidence of compare and contrast and should have some application to the workplace where appropriate to demonstrate synthesis of knowledge and its application to practice.
• Learning and reflection should be aligned to the learning outcomes you need to demonstrate in this assignment and should include examples from your work where appropriate.

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