Pastoral Society

1. Which of the following fictional societies is an example of a pastoral society? a. The Deswan people, who live in small tribes and base their economy on the production and trade of

textiles b. The Rositian Clan, a small community of farmers who have lived on their family’s land for centuries c. The Hunti, a wandering group of nomads who specialize in breeding and training horses d. The Amaganda, an extended family of warriors who serve a single noble family

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Pastoral Society
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2. Which of the following occupations is a person of power most likely to have in an information society? a. Software engineer b. Coal miner c. Children’s book author d. Sharecropper

3. Which of the following societies were the first to have permanent residents? a. Industrial b. Hunter-gatherer c. Horticultural d. Feudal

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