Parasitic Worm

Parasitic worm. Lymphatic filariasis is a disease caused by a parasitic worm. Complications of the disease can lead to extreme swelling and other complications. Here we consider results from a randomized experiment that compared three different drug treatment options to clear people of the this parasite, which people are working to eliminate entirely. The results for the second year of the study are given below:46

Clear at Year 2 Not Clear at Year 2

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Parasitic Worm
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Three drugs 52 2 Two drugs 31 24 Two drugs annually 42 14

(a) Set up hypotheses for evaluating whether there is any difference in the performance of the treatments, and also check conditions.

(b) Statistical software was used to run a chi-square test, which output:

X2 = 23.7 df = 2 p-value = 7.2e-6

Use these results to evaluate the hypotheses from part (a), and provide a conclusion in the context of the problem.

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