PACT analysis and prototype design for an interactive system

For this coursework, students in teams of 3 will engage in user-centered design to address a specific
need. Each team is to develop an initial (non-functioning) prototype interface for an interactive system
that addresses the design problem below. Your prototype must be supported by a PACT analysis of
the design problem. The outcome of the project will be a 20 minutes video presentation describing
each stage of the UCD process followed leading to the prototype interface that addresses the design
problem. The highest scoring presentation will demonstrate an understanding of the true design
problem and responded to with creative visualizations of the design solution.
Different people have different cognitive abilities, where some can remember and keep track of their
tasks well, while some have problems in remembering a simple task. Furthermore, as we age, our
cognitive abilities deteriorate especially in terms of processing speed and memory. Note Reminder
App can help forgetful people remember their tasks. For example, students need to cope with huge
amount of studies in each term or semester. Therefore, with the Note Reminder App, students can
keep track of their studies each day easily or even use the App to make notes for their studies. The
app should be able to help users jot down their tasks and also remind them that they have a task to
For the purposes of formative assessments, each team should develop a design report based on the
following stages:
1. A PACT analysis of the current scenario and existing users.
2. Based on the PACT analysis, generate a prototype solution of an interactive interface that
addresses the design problem.
3. Finally, prepare a presentation that demonstrates an understanding of the user-centred
design process and its component phases that you followed to address the design problem,
identifying the opportunities for user involvement and the methods of review and evaluation
appropriate to each phase
Please note – Try to keep your work brief.

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