Overview of the Strategic Plan

Overview of the Strategic Plan
The third component of your Board Brief is an overview of your strategic plan. The purpose of the overview is to give Board members a preview of the key changes you will make in order to implement your plan, and to explain how these changes will impact the organization. This information enables your Board to come to the meeting better prepared and to ask more informed questions. Your overview must be clear and complete enough that it makes sense, but should not be overly wordy.
Your instructor will review your strategic plan and will provide comments and questions where needed to help you strengthen your presentation. You will be given these questions in advance of your presentation and will be expected to address them in your delivery.
1. Create a 3 to 4 page paper that will take the analysis work you have done in the first two assignments
and turn it into an actionable plan.
2. An effective plan overview will include:
a. A clear and compelling opening statement (executive summary) explaining the strategic
b. A high-level outline of your implementation plan, including costs, impact on operations, ROI
projections, competitive advantage, and risks associated with the plan, along with your
mitigation plans
c. A reminder of the challenges and opportunities facing the organization and how your
proposed plan will address these
d. Enough information allowing Board members to prepare for the upcoming meeting and to
formulate additional questions
e. A summary statement recapping why the proposed strategic initiative is necessary and the
approvals being sought at the upcoming Board meeting

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