Overview of EU/UK Car Manufacturing in a Global Business Environment

The BMW Group is a growing business and our BMW (UK) Ltd is also expanding in the global business environment. The growth of the BMW (UK) has been massive since it started operating in the global market. The Company has shown continuous economic development and prospects in major regions around the globe. Globalization of the BMW (UK) has made significant impacts on shaping its future in the global market. Its outstanding performance has reaffirmed its position as one of the leading car manufacturer in the global market in the premium segment (Gong, 2013). Currently, the BMW (UK) has 42 sales subsidiaries and research and development network, and 30 manufacturing and assembling plants in the world markets (BMW (UK) Limited, 2013). As a global business, the BMW (UK) has focused on setting strategies for searching new and innovative ways to increase its competitiveness. For instance, it has adopted advanced technologies that have made major transformation to the company such as redesigning its operations, strategies, business models and processes. The growth of the BMW (UK) has prompted the management to not only focus beyond financial performance but also to determine the effect that the business has on the environment and society in general. We have set up a clear strategy and we are committed to execute them to build a strong and sustainable business in the global market (BMW, 2013). The report on the performance of the BMW Group would focus on different issues including the current business situation of the company, the financial condition, the changes in size of workforce, the market competitions issues for the automotive segment, and details on……….

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