Outcome Measurement and Community Risk Reduction Programs

Reading Article

Reading: Outcomes; A guide for Measuring Success  at:

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Outcome Measurement and Community Risk Reduction Programs
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https://strategicfire.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Outcome-Measures-Guide-04.25.19.pdf (Links to an external site.)


Assignment: Using the material learned in from the reading, answer the following five (5) questions. Each written response should be at least 100 words:

Why is outcome measurement important for Community Risk Reduction Programs?
What is the relationship between Outcome Measures and Risk within an organization?
What tools and resources are available that could be used to gather the data needed to quantify the outcomes of your CRR program effectiveness?
What are the five E’s of Community Risk Reduction?
In your own words, please describe the importance of Community Risk Reduction.

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