Outbound Calling

With more clients doing their banking and financial transactions online, foot traffic in retail bank branches has declined. Some estimates indicate branch traffic will drop 36% by the end of 2022.


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Outbound Calling
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To generate business to advice channels like Financial Planning, advisors still utilize the traditional method of outbound calling. Making courtesy calls to existing clients is a fast and effective way to generate business and introduce clients to services they may not be aware of.


Not everyone answers their phone—even if it is the “bank” calling. This means that an advisor has to leave a message that includes a compelling reason for the client to call them back. A poorly crafted message will just be deleted by the client and the opportunity lost. An effective message can provide instant results and only needs to be about 1 minute in length.


This assignment focuses on your ability to leave a compelling voicemail to a client with the goal of introducing them to the Financial Planning offering and booking an introductory meeting with the Financial Planner.



You are a Financial Advisor at ABC Bank and are reviewing your list of clients. You recognize that Macy Wong has $250,000 in investments with the bank and that she meets the asset threshold for the Financial Planning offering. (FPs typically have a minimum investment requirement of $100,000 of investible assets).


You think that Macy would see value in meeting your branches’ Financial Planner (FP), Jeet Singh and think that an FP could offer her some sound financial advice and perhaps even save her some money. The challenge will be to find a time that Macy can meet with Jeet as Macy is a busy IT professional.



Record a voice mail message to client Macy Chan that introduces her to Financial Planning and offers her a meeting with FP Jeet Singh.

· Your voice mail to the client should include key information including:

· Your name and Company

· Purpose of the call

· Name of the Financial Planner

· A brief description of how the client can benefit from meeting with the planner

· Dates and times for proposed meeting

· Your contact information