Dissertation Format

Dissertation paper is formal academic research paper written by university students. It is the final project paper written by students to support their academics. It is a large document containing about 200-250 pages and thus it requires a lot of time for students to complete it. Dissertation papers are also referred to as theses. These are the most important papers that are written by university students that approve whether the students will receive their degrees in bachelors, masters and doctorial. They are fundamental in enabling an individual to get a job in the competitive job market because it is an essential part of the early career of an individual. It is used to assess the students’ ability to conduct research and present a report and their responsibility towards their own learning process. The dissertation paper enhances the communication skills of students, their ability to search for information and improve their intellectual skills.

The format for writing a dissertation paper includes writing a proposal of the project. After the proposal is proven, the student can go ahead to conduct research and produce a report. The procedure for writing dissertation paper include writing an introduction of the research question, defining major terms used in the paper, producing a literature review, choosing an appropriate method for carrying out the study, presenting the findings of the study and discussing the outcomes, providing a conclusion and recommendations, references and appendices.

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