Our Stories Matter

Write a 3000-word SEED autobiography. You must include:

· in depth discussion of at least three of your identities that we discuss in class (including at least 1 systemically dominant and 1 systemically targeted identity) including how you identify with this identity, how others identify you with this identity, and how you understand this identify to be linked to social and systemic power;

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Our Stories Matter
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· at least five stories of specific moments from your life that illustrate your understanding of your identities;

· at least 15 references (cited in text and listed on a reference page) including introducing at least 10 references from class and 5 new references from outside of class that help connect your understanding of your own identity to these identities as broader social systems of power;

· a through line that connects your stories together and is forward facing – what brings your stories together and where will you go from here?

Please also note that the 3000-word limit is a maximum and includes your reference list.