Origins of Human Diversity

Origins of Human Diversity, Fall 2016

50 points


Assignment:Provide a well-supported response to the following prompt-


In Section 2 we investigated what scientists can learn from bones preserved in the archaeological record.  We also discussed the limitations of identifying fossil species from disparate and fragmented samples.  Given this, how much variation do you believe is necessary to name a new fossil species, and what other information would you like to see besides morphological comparisons?



Tips for Success: 

  • Demonstrate understanding and engagement with course materials
  • 200 word minimum-250 word maximum (Strictly Enforced)
  • Clearly state your answer
  • Provide three arguments that support your answer
  • Support each of your arguments with evidence and examples
  • Provide a clear conclusion that summarizes your answer
  • Proofread!


Submission Instructions:

  • You must submit final papers to the D2L “Response Paper 2” Dropbox folder
  • You must submit papers before8:00 am on Oct 7th
  • You must submit Microsoft Word Documents (.doc or .docx), other formats will not be graded


Formatting Instructions:

  • Single space headers (Name, date, title, etc…)
  • Times New Roman 11 or 12 point font
  • Double space content
  • 1” margins


Citation Requirements:

  • You must provide in text citations
  • Works Cited Page
  • APA Style for citations.
  • You do not need a cover page or abstract
  • Do not use direct quotations



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