Organizational image and capabilities

The implementation of the campaign will require the participation of the company and the rest of the community. From the current situation, the company is in a position to see this campaign through without encountering any further difficulties. With the progress made, the company has been able to make a noticeable progress hence the guidance of this project will go a long way in ensuring progress and growth. In the process, the development sector will be handled by the management while the marketing team will be responsible for the distribution of the product. As noted above, the two products should be separated as hive placement which is development and honey as the end product. Development is the most vital aspect of the venture and should be handled by the management tasked with approaching different stakeholders in other business and inviting them to partner with the rooftop honey by adopting a hive.

The sales department will be involved in the distribution of the end product. Their role will include taking the product to the consumer and creating new markets. The different outlets selling consumer goods will be targeted to display the rooftop honey products and further awareness will be created in to the communities directly by strategic outreach activities that target institutions such as the church, institutes of education and medical centers who can be introduced to the benefits of natural honey. Using the environmental conservation and life preservation in urban areas as the campaign philosophy, the promotion will be welcomed in the different sections of the society who feel like there has been widespread negligence in the…………

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