Organizational Difference

The powers of a government limit the extent of administration of high-speed Internet by the government. In the case of federal government involvement, the legislative laws in place only allow this form of government to play an oversight role rather than conduct the day-to-day activities left to the state government. The difference in state laws brings out systematic differences in service delivery and affordability. On the other hand, privatization eliminates border limitations and can traverse many states. Such private companies include Brightspeed and Spectrum. It is thus beneficial to operate as a private firm.

Cultural Difference

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Organizational Difference
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There are significant cultural differences in operation in the public and private sectors. In the former, the effects of the iron triangle are more obvious, and such factors often drive even the appointments made to various positions in a company. However, in the case of a privately owned high-speed internet service, the appointment of the head staff, such as the chief executive officer, is more likely to be based on track record rather than whose interests they are meant to safeguard. Thus, while public services aim to satisfy the needs of the citizens, there is an overriding interest that has to be also aligned, while the private sector has a culture of aligning its interest to the consumers with a service that ensures profitability and suitable operations.