Organizational Behavior

Overview: You will identify a current problem or challenge that is personally relevant that Organizational Behaviors research may help resolve or progress. You will then use OB concepts and theory to create an action plan to resolve it, implement the action plan, and summarize the results of your efforts, including lessons learned.


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Organizational Behavior
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  1. Gain a deeper understanding, expertise in your selected organizational behavior topic
  2. Practice building and executing a project plan
  3. Learn how to measure and assess plan progress, including identifying best practices and lessons learned
  4. Improve an issue or challenge you are facing this semester

Part 1 – Problem Identification (25 points / %) Done.

  • Select a problem or challenge you are encountering at work or school this semester that organizational behavior topic may be able to provide insight for solving (e.g., stress, motivation, goal-setting, creativity – the syllabus schedule or textbook are good references for ideas). You may also opt to address a personal problem, but be sure to select something you’d be comfortable sharing with the class. Relatedly, do not include specific names of any individuals or companies.

The entire project will be much easier and more effective if you are thoughtful with problem selection; I suggest you keep it simple, select a challenge that you can work to improve over the course of the semester, and make it relevant or interesting to you.


  • Write a 1 page summary clearly stating (1) the challenge or issue, (2) which one OB concept will help you make progress toward overcoming the challenge, and (3) a brief description on why you selected that topic, how it might relate. Format isn’t important, but be sure you clearly include these three elements for full credit. Example summaries are provided in the appendix of this document.


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