Organisational Behaviour & the External Environment

For this assignment you are required to produce an individual report (of 2,000 words max)

You will need to select one industry to research (i.e. organisations that share common characteristics, for example, energy, events, health care, technology, telecommunications and tourism) and make particular reference to two organisations within that industry

You should make reference to relevant literature and research within your report.

Your Report will demonstrate your ability to (learning objectives):

  1. Describe key aspects of individual attributes and behaviour, and their impact on team and/or organisational performance
  2. Explain the process of team formation, factors affecting team performance and cohesion, and types of teams that exist in organisations
  3. Analyse the key challenges in managing and leading sustainable businesses in a complex and global economy
  4. Assess the impact of organisational structure, culture and conflict on cohesion and performance
  5. Reflect on your learning throughout this Module
  6. Apply report writing and referencing conventions


The five assessment criteria (see A to E below) seek to measure your ability to meet the above learning objectives:

A.  External Environment (word count c500 words – excluding those which feature in your Appendix):

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the industry that you have selected.  This will be presented as an APPENDIX to the Report (a sample template will be provided) 
  2. Identify at least 4 factors, one from each of the four SWOT dimensions, and discuss the potential impact that each factor may have on the industry and with reference to at least two organisations within the industry. 
  3. Support your discussion with examples and reference to academic literature and research.

Total marks available for A: 20

B.  Management and Leadership (word count c500 words):

  1. With reference to the industry selected, comment on characteristics required of managers and leaders of the future to ensure sustainability within that industry.  Provide examples and make reference to academic literature and research
  2. Briefly outline other variables that may influence leadership style(s) and assess their impact

Total marks available for B: 20

C.  Organisational Structure, Culture and Conflict (word count c750 words):

  1. With reference to relevant theory and models, analyse the culture of two selected organisations, from that industry 
  2. Assess the impact of leadership style on communication, and also the ways in which conflict may be perceived, and resolved, within one of the selected organisations
  3. Consider how the structure of the one of the organisations is likely to impact on communication and briefly explain why

Total marks available for C: 20

D.  Reflection and Learning (word count c.250 words):

  1. Produce a reflective statement which explores how you worked with your Seminar study group.  The statement should reflect on learning from this experience and how  it has supported academic and professional development
  2. This section also related to the content of the very brief Introduction and the brief Conclusion.

Total marks available for D: 20

E.  Presentation, research and referencing:

  • Evidence of research
  • Considered analysis using relevant sources and theory
  • Effective presentation style (e.g. format and layout) and structure (See Report Structure guidelines below)
  • Appropriate use of Harvard Referencing

Total marks available for E: 20