Operations and Project Management

Part B: 1,500 word coursework assignment that incorporates a business project and
process plan.
PART B – 1,500-word coursework assignment that incorporates a business project and process plan
(40% of overall grade)
You are required write a 1,500 word report assessing and providing recommendations for the
improvement of the Operations Management of a specific chosen outlet in the following category:
• Café/fast food outlet
It is vital that your chosen organisation falls into the specified category above. If there is any doubt
about the suitability of the proposed outlet, this can be checked with the tutor for approval prior to
starting the assignment. You should visit and observe the chosen specific outlet as part of this course
You are required solely to make your own observations and draw on secondary data and your own
opinions and conclusions.
You are not expected and indeed should not (for ethical reasons) seek views or data from anyone
else, such as customers or business staff/owners.
Whilst visiting the outlet, you are expected collect some evidence relevant to the tasks below.
Please read these carefully and then prepare a report to address the following questions providing
relevant evidence and making explicit reference to and critical use of course concepts as you do so:
1. Illustrate the end to end supply chain of the chosen outlet in a diagram. Describe the various
types of supplier relationships that exist and evaluate with examples of how and why the outlet
might make use of these various types of relationships.
2. Create a process map of the existing service operation from a customer’s perspective, including
actions, timings, waits, delays, and decision points. Suggest changes that improve the customer
experience and illustrate these with a new process map.
3. Making reference to relevant course concepts, critically evaluate the current location of the
chosen outlet.
4. Using an importance-performance matrix, identify and justify an improvement priority you
would recommend to the operation’s service quality provision, explicitly stating scope, target
audience and planned outcome of your recommended improvement.
5. Produce a high-level plan supported by a Gantt chart for a six-month project to implement the
improvement you have recommended in Task 4 above. Develop a risk register to show how you
would control the risks during implementation of the project. Each task should be given equal
weight in your report. You must critically research and apply in your report relevant academic
theory and sources, course concepts and frameworks and industry material, fully referenced using
the Harvard system.

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