Online Video Tutorial Assignment

Online Video Tutorial Assignment Guidelines

Scenario: One of your group members Mr. Flying Bird has been send to a foreign country

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Online Video Tutorial Assignment
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for a work assignment. Mr. Flying Bird requested each of you in the team to help him with the

class material in his absence of course in exchange for some gifts on his return. Mr. Flying

Bird will have access to the Internet while he is away. So, each one of you agreed to send him

a video of the various topics the instructor covered in class. Mr. Flying Bird looses his Internet

connection every 5 minutes, so the video cannot be longer than 5 minutes and will result

in negative marking by the instructor.



Each student will be responsible to create ONE video tutorial that can be accessed online by

Mr. Flying Bird and the other members of the group. This is an individual assignment

however; the group needs to jointly decide the topics to be covered, so there is no repetition

within the group. Focus only on topics included in Exam 1 (Chapter 1 to 6). Below you will

find a list of sample questions/topics that you can use as themes to create your video. Use of

examples related to the topic will help Mr. Flying Bird understand the lessons better. You may

also choose to incorporate any current news that relates to the topic.



You may use a video with notes or power points and just your voice in the background OR

you can create a video of yourself explaining the topic using one of the free apps like Zoom,

whiteboard, Screenchomp or Educreation or any other tool of your choice. You may also use

any other app you find interesting for this purpose.






Some of the aforementioned apps will help you generate a link automatically when you save

your work. Else this can be done by creating a video link on Youtube or using other tools as

cited in this USA today article (Click this Link). Of course this article suggest conservative

ways of sharing as well as means that you can share with the broader audience.

I encourage a more conservative approach since this is a class project. This is to protect you.

If you send a file to someone they can download it. However, if you post something on a link

you can control the duration of the access to the link. Feel free to disable the link at the end

of the semester.



Sample Questions/Topics for Videos

It is best to use examples to explain your point with the questions/topics. These

are just examples. You can use one or more from the below list of questions or

just create a video based on a theme of your choice.


  1. What are the determinants of culture? Provide some examples.


Just write one page of writing, then I will do the powerpoint.