Olympics History

Which modern Olympiad (1896-present) best embodied the Olympic visions of IOC Presidents Pierre de Coubertin and Avery Brundage? Which modern Olympiad most forcefully contradicted their visions? Why? What can the disparity between your two chosen examples tell us about the broader themes of global sport history?

An outstanding essay (1) will have a clearly stated thesis statement (i.e. your argument) that explicitly answers the above question; (2) will support that argument by explaining what the visions of Coubertin and Brundage were and why the Games you have selected embodied or contradicted these visions; and (3) will present counter-evidence in the form of a paragraph(s) in which you both account for any inconsistencies in your own argument and briefly discuss at least two other Olympic Games that you might have selected as your answer to the question (that is, at least one that embodied their vision and one that contradicted it) but then reiterate why your choices provide the better answer.

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Olympics History
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Essay Formatting Specifics:
Your essay question answer should be no more than seven pages in length (we think an essay in the 4-7 page range makes sense here). Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, use 12-point font (we suggest Times New Roman), and have one-inch margins. Give your essay a title—though no title pages please. In the upper-left corner of your essay, include three single-spaced lines with: (1) your name; (2) the class number; and (3) the date you are turning in the essay.

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