Oil Rigs Information

Oil Rigs Information

Supplementary information concerning the assessment’s case study/ industry.

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Oil Rigs Information
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Both videos below would help you to have a better understanding of the Oil industry and more specifically, the role of the Oil-rigs.


  • What are they?
  • How do they operate?
  • What is their purpose and contribution to the economy and the environment?

1st  Video

Explains what  is an Oilrig and more specifically what is Offshore Oil Rigs what is the purpose of building one and how it Works



2nd Video

would help you understand the size of the Oilrigs project/program and the constraction.  With evidence of the four project life cycle phases ( Concept,  planning,  Implementation and termination ).

Also, the video would help you understand the building process/phases as per assessment requirements.


I hope you enjoyed both videos. Let us know if you have any questions.




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