Observation and analysis of a social milieu

This essay is an informative essay for which the hallmarks are clarity, objectivity, and effective organization.

Eherenreich, Tannen, Fussell, and George base their essays on observations they make about gender and class. This essay is based on your close observation of a social milieu (a social milieu is any specific place where people consistently gather). You are to describe the social milieu–it could be a church, a sporting event, a place of work, a concert, a restaurant etc, Then you should, based on what you observe, sketch out some attributes of those people who populate the milieu. It could be the way they dress, their actions, their values and concerns. The essay should be organized around these attributes (properties, qualities) and each paragraph should discuss these in detail. Because you are writing about people, you must take special care to be objective—do not assume or judge.

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Observation and analysis of a social milieu
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Your essay should be informative and objectively descriptive.

The elements necessary for this essay are:

–It must be objective;

–It must be well-organized;

–It should be at least 2 full, but no more than 3 pages in length

-It should be in MLA format

remember you can observe people anywhere: Starbucks, church, IHOP, at a little league game- if you already have plans to go somewhere just take a notebook and write down your observations.

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