Nutritional Barriers

Toddlers have behavioral characteristics that often present challenging situations for parents and/or caregivers.

Describe challenges parents and/or caregivers would encounter with these specific characteristics.

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Nutritional Barriers
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· Temperament

· Nutritional Barriers

· Hygiene,

· Activity

· Sleep

Response Post: What types of anticipatory guidance should the nurse provide for parents of toddlers who refuse to eat?

What additional support should the nurse provide to parents of toddlers that are temperamental and act out frequently?


Explain why music is often more effective than words for preschool children.

*  What activities would you use with children to develop their phonological awareness?

*  Explain how you have (or could have) used music to promote your own cognition or memory.

*  How can the use of music help in developing literacy, math and the social sciences in the early childhood classroom?