Nutrient Density

1. Nutrient density is usually measured per

A.  10 kilocalories.

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Nutrient Density
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B.  20 kilocalories.

C.  50 kilocalories.

D.  100 kilocalories.


2. What percentage of daily calories should the consumption of added sugars be limited to?

A.  1 percent

B.  10 percent

C.  15 percent

D.  20 percent


3. The recommended daily intake of sodium for people 14 years of age and older, is referred to as the

A.  Tolerable Upper Intake Level

B.  Permissible Consumption Limit

C.  Adult Macronutrient Daily Requirement

D.  Maximum Mineral Consumption Level


4. Abnormal or disturbed eating habits (once diagnosed) such as anorexia or binge-eating, are referred to as

A.  emotional eating.

B.  disordered eating.

C.  an eating disorder.

D.  psychological eating.