Nursing Theory

Initial posting

Review the case study provided (Link here). Each student in your group is to select a different theory to guide the assessment and intervention of this patient. Three students will pick a nursing theory different from the ones selected in Module 3 and two other students will select a non-nursing theory.

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Nursing Theory
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Included in this initial posting are the following:

  1. Identify the theory selected, your rationale for the selection of this theory, the major concepts, and relationship statements applicable to this case situation. These statements need to be beyond generalized statements and illustrate intricate conceptual processes and thought of your theory. Need a reference.
  2. State the level of theory and your rationale for selection.
  3. Obtain one primary research article in which the theory you selected was used and then describe how the article informed you to specifically apply the findings to this case situation. This research article does need to test the theory related to your specific small group topic. You also need a primary reference (article or book) describing the theory selected. Your textbook may not be used as a primary source reference for your theory.
  4. Describe how you would specifically apply this theory to this case related to assessment, feasible interventions, and measurable outcomes. We want detailed statements of application to the case study and not just general statements. These statements will go into detail regarding your feasible interventions and measurable outcomes. Envision yourself as an advanced practice nurse and how you would mentor or lead the other staff on your team related to the application of this theory to the case provided.
  5. Succinctly summarize the strengths and limitations of the theory you selected.
  6. List 1-2 points of what you learned from this experience above of finding and applying a research article to a practice situation.
  7. List what you consider a well-designed PICOT question (clear and containing all the essential elements) related to the case situation.

PICOT is a mnemonic used to describe 5 elements of a good clinical question. It stands for

P – patient/problem

I – intervention

C- comparison

O- Outcome

T -Time

Example: For patients living in a long-term care facility who are at risk for pressure ulcers (P), how does a pressure ulcer prevention program (I) compared to standard care (e.g., turn every 2 hours and going to the bathroom every two hours) (C) affect the development of pressure ulcers (O) in the next 30 days (T)?

8. Correct APA 7th edition listing for the 2 references. Keep any direct quotes to a maximum of 1-2. We prefer you write things in your own words and reference them correctly.


The theory assigned to me is Health Belief Model, borrowed/non-nursing theory.

I have attached the case study in the files