Nursing Diagnosis: Wound Care

Poor wound healing observed in people with chronic renal failure like Luigi is due to poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, aging or neuropathy (Bluestein & Javaheri, 2008). Pressure ulcers can also result from poor nutrition. Luigi has all the three conditions present. Without proper care, Luigi’s wound could lead to serious complications like bacterial infection and necrotic tissue growth. The goal of wound dressing is to control infection and relieve pain.

The nurse will intervene by carrying out daily cleaning and dressing in order to minimize bacterial load and help preserve a moist wound environment for the purpose of facilitating healing (Bluestein, & Javaheri, 2008). Dressing is important as it reduces caregiver time, offers consistent moisture and cause less discomfort.

The nurse may also perform skin care and nutritional assessment determines if they are connected to ulcer pressures. If that is the case, the nurse will consider skin moisturizers and dietitian consultation as preventive measures. The patient will be encouraged and educated to consume adequate diet using his favorite foods, snacks and receive mealtime………

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