Nursing Diagnoses: Stabilization of Blood sugar Level

The nurse will give priority to Luigi’s poorly controlled blood sugar level. Stabilizing his blood sugar level is essential in lowering risks like hypertension, edema, weight gain and renal failure. Regulation of blood sugar will also facilitate quick wound healing (Sá, Cavalcante, Stival, & Lima, 2011).   Among the interventions that the nurse will weigh in include administering intravenous insulin. The purpose of this anti-diabetic drug is increase gluconeogenesis and glycolysis in order to effectively manage blood glucose. The nurse will also administer oral hypoglycemic drug to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin.

The nurse will also consider nutritional intervention. The nurse will identify nutritional diets that can stabilize Luigi’s blood glucose.  Diets rich in lower sugar are known to…….

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