Nurse Factors

· Development of evidence and advocacy for inclusion of school nursing in ad hoc federal and state funding efforts (e.g., Every Student Succeeds Act).

· Funding models that promote competitive school nurse salaries, and recognize the cost savings to society that school nursing services provide

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Nurse Factors
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· Widening disparity between school nurse salaries and nurse salaries in other sectors.

· Eliminating pay inequities for school nurses.

· Reimbursement for health services in school on a par with services reimbursed in other health care environmnts,

· The need for evidence on the disparities between school nurse workloads resources and acuity of student and community needs.

· Development of evidence-based staffing/service models to meet the needs of the school population.

· Increasing recognition of the school nursing role in population health, such as illness prevention, wellness/health promotion, mental/behavioral health, concussion training, and increasing care coordination resulting from expansion of health benefits for children from the Affordable Care Act.