Numerical Reasoning Practice

Numerical Reasoning PracticeNote: Show all workings for the right answer

1. Lifestack Stores

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Numerical Reasoning Practice
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a. If operating costs remain constant from last year to this, which store had the highest turnover per unit operating cost last year?
o Southern
o Northern
o Central
o Western
o Eastern

2. KQX Delivery Services (Vehicle Kilometres by Months)
a. Between which two months did Asquith Crescent see the greatest percentage change in delivery distance (kilometers)?
o 1 to 2
o 2 to 3
o 3 to 4
o 4 to 5
o 5 to 6
b. If the maintenance cost per kilometer is Euro 0.70 , what was the difference in maintenance costs between Asquith Crescent and Turly Gardens in Month 5 (to the nearest whole Euro)
o Euro 71
o Euro 252
o Euro 265
o Euro 318
o Euro 468
c. If Asquith Crescent maintenance costs per kilometer is Euro 0.10 less than Turly Gardens , and if Turly Gardens’ maintenance costs were Euro 450.80 in Month 2, what were the maintenance costs for Asquith Crescent in Month 2?
o Euro 368
o Euro 584
o Euro 588
o Euro 602
o Euro 902

3. Computer Superstore

a. How many home customers would Computer Superstore expect to have in North?
o 44,280
o 80,000
o 84,000
o 108,000
o 164,000
4. Darwin Enterprises Financial Information
a. What would the Revenue be in Year 4 if it continued to decrease at the same rate as between in Year 2 and Year 3?
o £6.1m
o £6.4m
o £6.8m
o £7.1m
o £8.5m

5. Regional Drug Sales: Tequental&Parnol

a. In which region do Parnol sales exceed (in $) Tequental sales?
o Rest of World
o Rest of Asia
o Korea
o Japan
o Hong Kong
b. The amount of Tequental sales in the Rest of the World is forecast to rise at 20% per year, while the amount of Tequental sales in Korea is expected to remain constant. How long will it take for Tequental sales in the Rest of the World to exceed those in Korea?
o 1 year
o 2 years
o 3 years
o 4 years
o 5 years

6. Amount Spent on Computer Imports

a. In 1989, how much more than Italy did Germany spend on computer imports?
o 650 million dollars
o 700 million dollars
o 750 million dollars
o 800 million dollars
o 850 million dollars

b. If the amount spent on computer imports into the UK in 1991 was 20% lower than in 1990, what was spent in 1991?
o 1,080 million dollars
o 1,120 million dollars
o 1,160 million dollars
o 1,220 million dollars
o 1,300 million dollars

7. Tunes Online Download Analysis

a. How many weekend downloads were made in January and February?
o 3,960,000
o 5,580,000
o 7,450,000
o 39,600,000
o 55,800,000
b. What was the percentage decrease in total number of downloads between March and April?
o 6.0%
o 18.8%
o 19.3%
o 21.8%
o 23.1%
c. Which month had the lowest average revenue per download?
o January
o February
o March
o April
o May

d. What was the approximate percentage increase in total number of downloads from April to May?
o 6%
o 14%
o 35%
o 54%
o 58%
8. Mode of Transport used by Commuters in City Z this year

a. If the number of Bus passengers who are under age 35 decreased by 0.8% next year, and 11% of this age group travelled by Bus, approximately how many commuters would be under 35?
o 361,430
o 387,012
o 391,552
o 427,148
o 460,577
b. Within the Under 35 ‘Others’ group, if 65% walk and the remainder cycle, what is the approximate ratio of walkers to cyclists?
o 6:32
o 7:13
o 13:7
o 13:6
o 32:6

9. Fossil Fuels Consumption (in million tonnes)

a. In Year 4, if the proportions of all types fuel consumption in Country Y remain identical to Year 3, and Electricity, Gas & Water consumption increases by 7 million tonnes, what would be the fossil fuel consumption for Domestic?
o 21 million tonnes
o 24 million tonnes
o 25 million tonnes
o 26 million tonnes
o 35 million tonnes

b. If the rate of change in fossil fuel consumption by Manufacturing from Year 2 to Year 3 continues, approximately how much fossil fuel will be consumed by Manufacturing in Country X in Year 8?
o 28 million tonnes
o 35 million tonnes
o 38 million tonnes
o 45 million tonnes
o 48 million tonnes

10. Shipping Company Profits

a. In Year 7, if 2.1% of Company 1’s profits and 4.9% of Company 2’s profits were reduced to cover employees’ bonuses, approximately what were the costs incurred by both companies that year if their combined revenue was £700,000?
o £13,500
o £21,250
o £62,300
o £76,800
o £155,500

b. In Year 9, if the costs of operating Company 1 is two-thirds that of Company 2, and Company 1 generates £500,000 of revenue, approximately how much revenue was generated by Company 2 that year?
o £165,210
o £247,810
o £333,300
o £399,300
o £536,980

11. Excess International: Performance by Site

a. If Operating Costs increase globally by 10% next year but Payroll Costs and Sales Revenue remain the same, which site would have the best revenue to costs ratio next year?
o Geneva
o London
o Munich
o Paris
o Rome
b. Excess International will be closing down their least profitable site. Which is this site?
o Geneva
o London
o Munich
o Paris
o Rome

12. Send2You Delivery Fuel Costs and Consumption

a. Approximately how much will it cost in US Dollars to buy 50 gallons of fuel during March and April in a 65:35 ratio?
o USD 217
o USD 436
o USD 439
o USD 444
o USD 452

b. In March, if one employee drives 950 kilometers using the average fuel consumption and 450 kilometers at 1.4% above this average, approximately how much will the fuel cost?
o 87
o 103
o 107
o 108
o 112

13. Bus Punctuality

a. Two new buses, D and E, are introduced. If Bus D is 7% more punctual and Bus E is 7% later on average than Bus C, which of the five buses is least delayed on average?
o Bus A
o Bus B
o Bus C
o Bus D
o Bus E
b. The company incurs £45 for every minute that a bus is later than 5 minutes and if it is later than 8 minutes, the company pays an additional £20 fee. How much did the delay cost the company over the sixth months?
o £355
o £455
o £655
o £720
o £760

14. Percentage of Defective Components in Factories

a. If the trends in the proportion of defectives and units produced per year for Factory A continue, how many defects would be expected from Factory A in Year 5?
o 200
o 400
o 600
o 800
o 1000

b. Which factory produced the largest number of defective components in Year 1?
o Factory A
o Factory B
o Factory C
o Factory D
o Factory E

15. Global Ecological Footprint

a. By approximately how much can the population of South and Central America increase before its Living Space footprint will be equal to Africa’s?
o 1%
o 6%
o 11%
o 16%
o 21%
b. Which activity, considered all across all populations, has the second largest effect on the total global ecological footprint?
o Food
o Fuel for Domestic purposes
o Fuel for Transport
o Living Space
o Other services

c. Which region has the second smallest combined Food and Living Space footprint?
o Africa
o Asia
o North America
o Oceania
o South and Central America

16. CO2 Emissions in Seattle

a. Approximately what proportion of the total number of seats in all Buses and Trains are empty?
o 45%
o 50%
o 55%
o 60%
o 65%

17. International Property Stock Values

a. What was the ratio of London Rental property value to New York Commercial property value in Period 1?
o 1:2
o 2:3
o 3:4
o 4:5
o 1:1
b. If London experiences the same rate of change in Rental stock value as New York did from Period 1 to Period 2, what will the approximate value of London Rental Stock be next year in US dollars?
o USD 38bn
o USD 40bn
o USD 42bn
o USD 50bn
o USD 55bn

18. Allocation of Sales Revenue

a. In Year 3 the difference between profit and salaries was £50,000, how much was spent on expenses that year?
o £125,000
o £250,000
o £375,000
o £905,000
o £1,250,000

b. In Year 3 the difference between profit and salaries was £50,000, how much was spent on revenue that year?
o £75,000
o £125,000
o £750,000
o £1,205,000
o £4,150,000