What is the purpose of using the information transfer technique in a listening test?

a.To test candidates’ productive skills

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b.To make minimal demands on candidates’ productive skills

c.To test their higher-level skills

d.To test their phoneme discrimination skills


What is essential when including note-taking in a listening test?

a.Careful moderation and scoring of notes

b.Easy items that can be scored easily

c.Difficult items that are not likely to be performed reliably

d.Short and straightforward items


How should alternatives be kept when using multiple choice in a listening test?

a.Complex and long

b.Simple and straightforward

c.Difficult and challenging

d.Vague and unclear


What was the view of grammar testing in the past?

a.It was seen as the core of language ability

b.It was not considered important

c.It was thought to measure language skills directly

d.It was thought to limit the number of tests topics