Northern Utah Sedimentary Layer Area

In this report, you will select a sedimentary layer in your area. Based upon textural, mineralogical, and age clues, you will interpret the geologic history of your area. You will evaluate the depositional environment and processes that led to the formation and preservation of the landform.

Successful reports will include four paragraphs, two figures (location map and photograph of unit), and references.

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Northern Utah Sedimentary Layer Area
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Paragraph 1: Introduction to sedimentary unit. Include location where sedimentary layer may be found and describe how it was named.
Paragraph 2: Description of sedimentary layer. Include information about mineral content, color, texture, and age. Describe the depositional environment of the layer and explain how this environment is interpreted.
Paragraph 3: Description of geological forces that have modified the sedimentary layer since its formation. Why does it look the way it does?
Paragraph 4: What is the significance of the sedimentary layer? This may be economic, cultural, or because it contains neat fossils.
5. Figures: Location map showing the distribution of the sedimentary layer and photograph of the sedimentary layer.
6. References: Reports must provide complete references for all information and images used to compile the report

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