Newspapers for Present History Essay

Newspapers for Present History Essay

This is not an exhaustive list – try to browse widely across the South Asian press and media in your areas, countries, regions and topics of interest.

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Newspapers for Present History Essay
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Some useful lists of links that include South Asian newspapers:,  These links provide an excellent starting-point for browsing newspapers. Also useful to get a sense of the media scene in various countries (major sources and publications, level of censorship, history, etc) are BBC Media Profiles









Sri Lanka:

Some of the major English language papers of the subcontinent are:

Daily Star (Bangladesh):

The Independent (Bangladesh):

Kuensel (Bhutan) [partially government-owned]:

Haveeru (Maldives):

Global New Light of Myanmar (Myanmar/Burma) [government-owned]:

Himalayan Times (Nepal):

Kathmandu Post (Nepal):

Dawn (Pakistan):

The Frontier Post (Pakistan):

The Nation (Pakistan):

Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka):

The Island (Sri Lanka):

Daily News (Sri Lanka) [government-owned]:



Note that some of these are government-owned media sources, and will obviously reflect official state positions and agendas.

India has a massive English language press. Here are three of the several key national English papers to get your started:
The Hindu:

Times of India:

Hindustan Times:


Please do not limit yourselves to these few papers. Browse widely starting from the Berkeley link above and beyond. If you are able to read another South Asian language than English (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Panjabi, Burmese, Pashto, Dari, Nepali, Sinhala, Tamil, etc) we strongly encourage you to also read newspapers in that language. Many of the above newspapers include an ‘E-Paper’ option, which allows you to see the actual layout of the day’s paper, which may be useful to look at.

There are also a number of news magazines that offer longer-format stories.
Outlook (India):

India Today (India):

Tehelka (India):

Frontline (India):

The Caravan (India):

Newsline (Pakistan) (defunct):

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