New racism

‘New racism’
• The racial discrimination act (1975) and the racial vilification act have addressed
many issues

BUT ‘New racism’ takes subtle forms and is more pervasive and very difficult
to combat and to expose
• Covert or concealed racism
• (Racism in USA, Cracking the code, 2013 –SHOW)
• (Beyond Blue, ad- The invisible discriminator, 2014,
Australia- SHOW)
• (Every day racism, Australia, 2014- SHOW 4.3 min)
• Cultural racism (using ethnicity, religion, provenance etc.)
• Structural racism (under-representation, ‘invisible barriers’ to advancement etc.)
• Media texts and their connections to racist discourses
• Media reflects wider social developments
• Ethnocentrism (superiority discourses, Reclaim Australia)
• Media constructs discourses to validate or challenge perceptions and

representations of the ‘other’

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