Negative and positive teenage body image

Negative and positive teenage body image

Bibliographic information: write out the bibliographic information according to the style appropriate for documentation within your discourse community (MLA, Chicago, APA).

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Negative and positive teenage body image
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2. Key terms: list out vocabulary terms that are important to the main concepts of the source. What are the words you must know in order to understand the source?

3. Abstract (Summary) of Source: summarize the source, paying close attention its thesis statement (if there is one). Be sure to paraphrase key points. By the time I finish reading your summary I should have a good sense of what the article is about.

4. Reflection: this is section is your chance to think informally on the source. How does it relate to your other sources? How does it change your thinking? What are some questions provoked by this source? How do you feel about its rhetorical strategy? How does the source move your thinking and your research along.

5. Borrowed Sources: copy key sources from the bibliography. In other words, what are other sources you might want to look at, after having looked at this source.

6. Quotables: copy and past (or, write out) quotes from the source which you think are valuable, beautiful, interesting, curious, worthy of attention etc.

Length: 10 entries; our bibliography will include a range of sources: primary and secondary, popular, scholarly, and peer-reviewed, text-based and other media, etc. However, I will ask you to include at least two primary sources, four peer-reviewed, scholarly articles, and two image-based sources. The remainder are your choice.

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