Nature versus Nurture Controversy

1. The nature versus nurture controversy leaves out a possible alternative: Radical freedom. According to Pico della Mirandola, we have been created by God to determine our own destiny, but this radical freedom also has a moral dimension. We can choose to become ‘brutes’ and wallow in moral evil or rise even to the level of divinity. According to Pico, God grants this freedom to the human species as a whole—not just individuals.

What do you think about these alternative visions of what it means to be human; are we the products of biology, environment, or radically free?

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Nature versus Nurture Controversy
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2. As you see, it takes knowledge to be who we are and who we will become. To that end, we need also to consider the nature of human knowledge.

What does Russell have to say about the relationship between common sense and scientific knowledge? Is ‘sense-data’ a pathway to such knowledge, or a distortion of it? Are we deluded in our faith that we can really understand the world? Does this faith necessarily require a ‘mystical’ element as is present in Pico, and possibly in Russell as well?


1. What is marketing (use your textbook and Internet sources)? Provide an example of marketing.

2. What interests you about marketing?

3. How do company and marketing strategy relate to each other?