National Project

Research Project #2


The journal indicated below describes a national project. Based on the journal, and on your team’s understanding of the project, answer the questions below:

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National Project
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DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)CF.1943-5509.0000332

Journal title: “1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Management Failure”



# Question Points
1 Was it an internal or external project? Provide rationale. 2.5
2 Identify at least 10 major stakeholders for the project. 2.5
3 What were the needs or expectation of each stakeholder? 2.5
4 Identify and describe at least 5 most important resources used in the project. 2.5
5 What was the alternative approach for the project (i.e. if the stadium had not been built, what else could have been done to ensure the olympics still occurred)? 2.5
6 Based on (5) above, was building the stadium at this location and at this time the best approach to have been chosen?  Provide rationale using PV, NPV, IRR, B/C. [1 page] 10
7 Provide two Level 3 Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for this project. These two should be the intial (or planned) and final (or actual) WBS. Explain the difference  [2 pages] 5
8 Based on (7), was there an evidence of scope creep in the project? Provide rationale. 2.5
9 Create one network diagram for the project using the final WBS in (7) above [1 page] 15
10 Use the Level 2 tasks in the final WBS to create one GANTT chart for the project. [1 page] 15
11 Use the initial and final WBS to create two high-level budgets for the project. These two should be the initial and final budgets. Explain the difference. [2 pages] 15
12 Using the risk sources, describe three major (broad) categories of risks in the project. 3
13 Using a table, list at least ten individual risks ranked by severity, and also link each of them to one of the categories in (12) above [1 page] 15