National Health Plan

National Health Plan,  A Kaiser Family Foundation poll for US adults in 2019 found that 79% of Democrats, 55% of Independents, and 24% of Republicans supported a generic “National Health Plan”. There were 347 Democrats, 298 Republicans, and 617 Independents surveyed.14

(a) A political pundit on TV claims that a majority of Independents support a National Health Plan. Do these data provide strong evidence to support this type of statement?

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National Health Plan
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(b) Would you expect a confidence interval for the proportion of Independents who oppose the public option plan to include 0.5? Explain.

National Health Plan,  presents the results of a poll evaluating support for a generic “National Health Plan” in the US in 2019, reporting that 55% of Independents are supportive. If we wanted to estimate this number to within 1% with 90% confidence, what would be an appropriate sample size?

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