My Communication Makeover

Step 1:

Select three (3) different people, from your life, that represent different perspectives (For example: age, socioeconomic status, sex, race, family/friend/significant other, etc.)

Interview them using the questions in Step 2.

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My Communication Makeover
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Step 2:

Ask each of your interviewees the following questions:

As an interpersonal communicator, what do you believe are my strengths?

As an interpersonal communicator, what do you believe are my areas for growth?

If you could pick one aspect of my communication for me to work on the rest of the semester, what would it be?

Step 3:

Reflect on the various answers you received and try to summarize what you discovered from the interviews.

Step 4:

Please use either a webcam or cell phone to record (through video) your summary of the interviews.  Make sure to cover the following in your video

Who did you interview?

What is their relationship to you?

What did you learn from the interviews?

Did their answers align with your perceptions of your interpersonal communication?

Given this information, what is the one aspect of your interpersonal communication you will work on this semester?

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