Multilane Highways

1. A multilane highway (two lanes in each direction) is on level terrain. The FFS has been measured at 45 mi/h. The peak-hour directional traffic flow is 1300 vehicles with 8% heavy vehicles. If the peak-hour factor is 0.85, determine the highway’s LOS.

2. Consider the multilane highway in above. If the proportion of vehicle types and peak- hour factor remain constant, how many vehicles can be added to the directional traffic flow before capacity is reached?

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Multilane Highways
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3. A six-lane multilane highway (three lanes in each direction) has a peak-hour factor of 0.90, 11-ft lanes with a 4-ft right-side shoulder, and a two-way left-turn lane in the median. The directional peak- hour traffic flow is 4000 vehicles with 14% SUTs and 6% TTs. What will the LOS of this highway be on a 4% upgrade that is 1.5 miles long if the speed limit is 55 mi/h and there are 15 access points per mile?