Multi-Genre Analysis

Multi-Genre Analysis

A multigenre paper arises from research, experience, and imagination. It is not an uninterrupted, expository monolog nor a seamless narrative nor a collection of poems. A multigenre paper is composed of many genres and subgenres, each piece self-contained, making a point of its own, yet connected by theme or topic and sometimes by language, images, and content. In addition to many genres, a multigenre paper may also contain many voices, not just the author’s. The trick is to make such a paper hang together.

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Multi-Genre Analysis
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Choose three works from three genres (example: painting, literature, music). Decide how you want to connect the three genres by choosing artists or artifacts in each genre. Are there symbols or themes that unite them? Are they connected by any social issues? Are the styles similar in form? Introduce the three works and explain the connections you are making. Construct a clear thesis that mentions how you are connecting the three works.

For the above example, you could choose Pablo Picasso, William Carlos Williams, and Miles Davis. The theme connecting all three could be related to fragmentation in art, poetry, and jazz. A question you could answer would be “What are the effects of fragmentation on society?” Remember that a thesis can be a question; it does not have to be a statement. Your analysis throughout the paper answers your thesis.

At least 3-5 scholarly sources are required to support your thesis (Follow MLA 8th Edition format for citing your sources.)


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