Your boss has a meeting regarding Monopoly. She doesn’t know much about Monopoly, but she wants to know the important basics so she can speak intelligently during her meeting. She asks you to write a concise two-page memo that educates her on Monopoly . She says you can include three pages as long as the third page only includes citations, charts, and graphs.  She provides clear instructions that she wants to know something about Monopoly’s history, as well as why it matters and what impact it has had on society.


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Two pages

12 font size

Double spaced

times new roman


Do a research and to include at least two sources address the key terms and provided questions. Also, any important information found in your research.


Key terms:



Market Power

Barrier to entry

Anti-trust Era

Sherman Antitrust Act

Business Trust

Network Goods


Questions to answer:

What do the key terms mean?

Are monopolies good or bad?

How does a monopoly get started and stay in business?

Why do monopolies form/sustain?

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