Models of organisational change

Consider an organisational change you have recently experienced (or are experiencing) and apply one of the models of organisational change studied in Topic 3 (I will upload Topic 3 later in my account and Here are some models: Fine Tuning, Incremental adjusting, Modular transformation, corporate transformation but more models you can choose in the uploaded files)

Explain what led to the success or failure in the implementation.
When studying change, the differentiator is being able to analyse or observe the change through the application of your learning.

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Models of organisational change
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Your paper should address the following:

• Introduction and background to the change.
• Brief explanation of the organisation, industry, and forces for change.
• Analysis of the change or development.
• Discuss the change model that you have chosen showing its strengths and weaknesses in analysing the change discussed.
• Who (roles, sections and other stakeholders etc.) was involved in the change

Include a brief definition of change that seems most relevant to your case.

Please note:
1. In this assignment you are expected to relate your experience of change to an organisation with which you are familiar. Where your work experience is minimal you can apply the task to other organisations you have encountered, such as a sporting, community or social institution.

2. No more than 10% of your final work should appear as directly quoted matter. The lectures and myReadings resource list will provide an overview of the key ideas of the course. However, it is not acceptable to limit your sources just to those provided by the lecturer. It is expected that you will read more widely to identify a range of different positions, and theoretical approaches relevant to the question.

3. This assignment is an essay and as such should be presented in an essay format.