Military Model

What is the military model and why has it been so popular in the prison?  What do you think?

Describe unit team management and how it works

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Military Model
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What are the problems associated with prison gangs?  List and describe the major gangs.  What is their impact on the operations of correctional facilities?  How would you control prison gangs?

Describe the impact/effect of prison escape

What is the bureaucratic control of prison management and its primary focus?

  1. Explain the correctional facility staff hierarchy and the four main goals of correctional staff members, including the importance of each goal.
  2. Outline the effectiveness of the five types of power available to correctional staff to manage inmate behavior.
  3. Describe the factors contributing to correctional officer corruption within correctional facilities.
  4. Report on the symptoms of stress for correctional officers and the associated underlying factors.
  5. Summarize the effectiveness of the methods correctional officers use to cope with stress.