Middle Ages

1. In what ways were the early Middle Ages dark? Explain.

2. What was the importance of Avicenna’s, Averroës’s, and Mainonides’s philosophies to Western thought?

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Middle Ages
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3. How did the works of St. Anselm help prepare the Western world for the acceptance of Aristotle’s philosophy?

4. What was St. Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God?

5. What was the significance of the work of Abelard and Magnus?

6. Summarize the debate between the realists and the nominalists. What was Abelard’s position in this debate?


7. How, according to Aquinas, can humans know God? What are some of the implications of Aquinas’s position?

8. What was Scholasticism? Give an example of what the Scholastics did.

9. Why does William of Occam represent an important turning point in the history of psychology? What is Occam’s razor?

10. Was William of Occam a realist or a nominalist? Explain.

11. What was the paradigm in the Middle Age? What anomalies may have existed?

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