Memory Span Experiment


Article Analysis

Using the South University Online Library, find two peer-reviewed journal articles on mnemonic devices. In your synopsis, you will include:

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Memory Span Experiment
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  • A summary of each of the journal articles
  • The main points discussed in each of the journal articles and how they relate to the week’s course and text readings
  • Your thoughts and perspectives regarding the concepts covered in each of the journal articles

  • Memory Span Experiment

    Using CogLab, complete the memory span experiment and create a report on the experiment.In your report, write a brief introduction explaining the theory involved in the experiment. Next, in the Methods section, describe the process that you followed to complete the experiment. Make sure to include enough information so that others can also perform the same experiment successfully.Finally, describe the experimental results, including conditions where you performed the best and the worst. Provide a rationale explaining why the results differed in both the conditions. Summarize your report, including answers to the following questions:

    • Were the results in accordance with your expectation? Provide a rationale to support your answer.
    • Did anything about the experiment surprise you? If yes, what?
    • What extraneous factors would influence the results of the memory span experiment?

Cover in detail with references