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Topic: medical reflection
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The reflection will be on a case that I have seen during ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). A 26 years old male , he is a paediatric registrar who has been graduated from Munich university. He suffers from symptoms of major depression (low mood, lack of concentration , low energy, lack of sleep, anhodenia with some suicidal ideations). Patient has a minor beta thalassemia with minor hypochromic, microcytic anaemia that requires no treatment. There is no family history of mental health illness. He doesn’t smoke and doesn’t use any illicit drugs and drink alcohol socially. Patient was voluntary admitted to Cumberland hospital after feeling really depressed and having suicidal ideations. Patient was on SSRIs, which was augmented by lithium, but patient didn’t have any improvement, therefore the psychiatrist advice him to have ECT and he voluntary consented for ECT. My reflection will be on incidence of major depression among doctors and medical students.

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