Media Article Review 

Media Article Review 

In Chapter 6 of your textbook, Title 42, Section 1983 is introduced. Please find three (3) articles dealing with persons who violated Title 42, Section 1983. and write a 3-5 page essay in which you summarize the articles and compare/contrast them. Examples of compare/contrast items are:

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Media Article Review 
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  1. The person(s) alleged to have committed the violation (titles, positions, years of service, etc.).
  2. The organization(s) they were employed by (local, state, or federal: size of organization, etc).
  3. The allegations made.
  4. The adjudications of the violations (guilty or not guilty; sentenced to prison, probation, acquitted).


Be sure to properly cite the articles in MLA format.

Essay Guidelines:

Paper Length: 3-5 pages

Margins: Top, bottom, left, and right margins should be 1”

Spacing: Double Spaced

Font: Times New Roman Font size: 12

Resource Citations: MLA Format

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