Media Analysis

Media Analysis

For this media analysis, you will analyze how one part affects the whole media production. Note that you should select only a single piece of media; you should not be discussing more than one film, for example. You should choose one1 of the following parts to explore:

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Media Analysis
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  • Genre: Explain how the production you chose fits into its genre.
  • Camera: Analyze how the camera’s use (camera angles, for instance) affects the overall production.
  • Lighting: Describe how lighting is used to enhance or detract from the production.
  • Actors/Characters: Analyze how the actors OR the characters themselves enhance or detract from the production.
  • Symbols: Explain what the symbols are and how their usage affects the overall production.
  • Music: Describe how the music enhances or detracts from the media production.
  • Sound Effects: Analyze how the sound effects enhance or detract from the production.
  • Special Effects: Explain what special effects are used and how they affect the viewing experience.
  • Comparison to a Literary Work: (Note: This option may only be chosen if the film you chose is also in print form.) How are the book and film similar? How are they different? Which is better, and why?

Your purpose in this assignment is to explain how or why something works; therefore, you should not include a full summary of the media production. Instead, you can provide context where needed so the reader understands what is happening. The body of the essay must focus on your analysis.

As with all college writing, your essay should have a strong thesis statement in addition to an introduction, body, and conclusion. Other than your chosen film, television show, and/or book, you are required to cite at least one other credible2 source for this essay.

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