Maternity and Women’s Health Care

Teaching Project

Maternity and Women’s Health Care


Patient teaching is a very important part of what nurses do to maintain and restore health for the populations that they serve. That’s especially true for this patient population- many of our families are becoming parents for the first time, and even if they have other children, sometimes evidence and standards of care shift and evolve between pregnancies.  This teaching can be done for the parents, related to maternal conditions/complication, or related to the care of their newborn. For this assignment,: The teaching topic is Breast Feeding

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Maternity and Women’s Health Care
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  • Create a narrated power point on Breast Feeding as the patient teaching topics
  • Create an 8 slide presentation on Breast Feeding – A cover slide, 5 slides of content, 1 slide discussing how you will evaluate if learning has occurred, and a reference slide.
  • Presentations should follow an organized and logical progression. They should be developed with lay terms that would be easy for a patient and her family to understand.
  • Presentations should be visually appealing.
  • A handout should be created that creatively summarizes the information in your presentation.
  • At least one other scholarly reference, besides your book, should be used in the creation of your presentation. References should be from within the last 5-10 years.
  • One presentation and handout from each group will be uploaded. The project should include each member’s name on the title slide.









The textbook that we are using. You can use it for referencing.

Ricci, S. S. (2021). Essentials of maternity, newborn, and women’s health nursing (5th Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.